responding effectively to domestic abuse

Guidance and resources for staff and volunteers in Bath & North East Somerset to respond promptly and effectively the first time they become aware of domestic abuse.

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Use our simple tool to find out what the training standards say people in your role should know, access training and record your learning journey.

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Why we developed the training standards

Survivors tell us they need individuals and services to listen, believe and respond in a non-judgmental way that allows them to exercise choice and be active in their own safety planning, in achieving protection from abuse and during recovery and rebuilding for themselves and their families.

Research shows on average survivors make five approaches to services before they receive effective help. We want to get it right first time.

Domestic abuse training standards

The workforce across Bath & North East Somerset must have the confidence to act when they should, whilst recognising the boundaries of their role. The standards will support good practice and ensure a consistent approach our area.

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dialogue helped the Domestic Abuse Partnership develop the training standards and has provided this learning tool at low cost. They offer safeguarding children and safeguarding adults training, including Domestic Abuse at Level 2 and Level 3.

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