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what do i need to know?

All staff and volunteers who come into face to face contact with the public should have a level of domestic abuse training. Some organisations provide this, others will be making arrangements to put this in place.

The training standards set out what knowledge and skill is required of individuals at each level, and how this can be acquired. Please refer to the standards for full details – we’ve included a precis of what’s required at each level below.

The domestic abuse partnership has taken steps to make things easy for people. Follow the links below to access training at each level, using the champion network and with the support of dialogue, who helped us draw up the standards.


All staff and volunteers who have contact with the public should complete the elearning package.

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Staff who have an advice or support role need around half a day of face to face training. The Domestic Abuse Partnership have trained champions in each agency to deliver Awareness Plus training.

You can get in touch with your champion, or book places on a course with dialogue.

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Staff working with known domestic abuse such as health visitors, social workers, police, lead professionals require further input and should be able to use the SafeLives DASH Risk Indicator checklist.

dialogue offer places on a half day course, building on the Level 2.

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Staff who work mainly with domestic abuse require specialist training. Talk to the training lead within your organisation to find out more.